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In a world where the innovational processes make a difference, our methods to renew the way in which educational institutions are managed have become very popular among modern education.

A-EINSTEIN is an institution formed by education professionals and life coaches. We manage to transform education based on the principles of creativity and teaching innovation through Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) Coaching.

Our main goal is to ‘re-program’ people in a positive way by working on their abilities and competition skills in order to improve their lives and the impact they have on the educational community.

We must move forward and accept that the learning methods we had when we were kids have changed over the years. Thus, we must become students once again and embark on this new journey.


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NICOLÁS PÉREZ-ROJAS is a professional specialized in teaching methods and education.


He is a Master-Practitioner and Life Coach in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). His 'MOTIVATION 101' project works with 11 steps of personal development which he shares with teachers and students. Through these steps he helps people visualize the future and build it. In his workshops, the most important principles to work are trust, motivation and productivity.


His humanist formation began in Colegio Internacional de Caracas (International School of Caracas), which later on led him to Major in Psychology at the State University of New York at Buffalo. In New York he worked in social and school programs putting into practice his studies in Developmental Psychology. In Venezuela he became a Master Practitioner Trainer and Coach in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) at the Instituto Venezolano de Programación Neurolingüística. Furthermore, after getting certified in Educational Psychology by the Universidad del Zulia he became a counselor in A-EINSTEIN CONSULTORES EDUCATIVOS where he worked as a Life Coach. His innovative methods on teaching and learning dynamics have given him an important recognition in over 40 schools in Venezuela.


In Peru he is the Director of A-EINSTEIN CONSULTING & COACHING and develops Educational Reprojection and Emotional Education workshops for teachers and students.